We like to think that our flock of NQTs will be with us forever, but because we equip our NQTs with so much support and advice, they are always very high in demand once we’ve set them off to their first school!

If you’re lucky enough to get an interview for a school, take a look below.

We’ve collected more tips for nqts on what you could get asked at interview stage, via The Guardian.

Q: What do you think students look for in their teachers?

Desired answer: “They should like young people, for a start….fairness is also a good one. Consistency. Sense of humour. They should have passion for their subject, and will be good at explaining new concepts/ideas. They should be able to make the topic or subject relevant, and be able to make everyone feel comfortable and confident about contributing.”

Q:  Do you think we’d be making a big mistake by not hiring you? Why?

Desired answer: “This is the perfect opportunity for this individual to sell to us exactly why they are a brilliant teacher. If they’re passionate about what they do, it shouldn’t be difficult to make us see the charisma they would bring to a classroom full of students.”

Why do you want to work in special education?

Desired answer: “We want to see that this individual recognises that we’re in the business of education as opposed to simply caring for the children, which may surprise a lot of people.”

Q: Can you tell me about a successful behaviour management strategy you have used in the past that helped engage a pupil or a group of pupils?

Desired answer: “We’re fishing for theoretical answers here. One that anyone who has swotted up can give – balanced, with a personal reflection that shows how effective they are.”

Q: I walk in to your classroom expecting an outstanding lesson. What would I see?

Desired answer: “Ideally it would be great to hear plenty of discussions, students clearly making progress, whether it be through written or oral evidence. High quality visual displays of students’ work showing progress. High levels of engagement and behaviour that supports work.”

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