We’ve still got lots of vacancies to help you launch your career…

Whether you actively chose supply as an introduction to your teaching career, or circumstances have meant that you haven’t yet found a place where you will shine, working for Connex is a very attractive option.

Here’s why…

We still have plenty of openings for this year’s flock of NQTs. Discover just how much we have to offer you below…but first, you might want to take a quick peak at the jobs we do have available at the moment…

What Connex can offer you as an NQT:

– There’s our FREE NQT guide, written by our in-house experts;

– We’ll get to know you inside out, encourage you and give you 1:1 support while you find your feet;

– We’ll coach you in how to succeed at interviews, and discover what makes you special to potential employers;

– As well as the Ofsted-approved Safeguarding training we provide free for all our staff, as an NQT you’ll get free support on behaviour management techniques, and other classroom skills…

– You’ll get access to hundreds of schools with which we have excellent relationships;

– Guidance on how to make an instant success of supply work;

– A “How to Succeed at Interview” guide (very useful since many of our NQT staff get head-hunted by the schools we place them in);

– Access to free resources to help you in the classroom while you find your feet;

– And we’ll always match you carefully so that you – and your school – can get the maximum benefit from your skills, energy and eagerness to do well.

It takes all sorts…some NQTs actively choose Supply; for others, it is in the classroom and not at interview where they best shine.

Regardless, we have a flock of NQTs coming through every year for vacancies, and you’ll see that we take the task of supporting and launching our new teachers very seriously.

There is always a warm welcome at Connex and plenty of support to help you along the way.

Supply work with Connex is a perfect career launch pad, so don’t get in a flap about not having work yet – all you have to do is get in touch.

We know how seriously you will be considering who you work with on Supply, so maybe our NQT Guide will help sway your decision?

Grab it today here – and don’t forget to let us know if you’re looking for Supply work…