NTP school and pupil information

Please complete the form below to ensure you have all the information from schools interested in using their National Tutoring Programme subsidy.

What’s the process from the school’s perspective?
1) School expresses interest to use us as NTP Tuition Partner
2) We send Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) essentially a different term of business
3) Schools sends MOU back to us signed
4) School selects pupils and informs us of subject areas
5) We assigned Tutor and schedule the 15-hour block
6) Pupil data transfer to ourselves using our Portal
7) Pre-intervention report completed by the school, along with resources needed
8) Tuition starts – Tutor completes observations after each session and uploads to our portal
9) Tuition finishes – Tutor completes post-intervention assessment and uploads to our portal

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