Ideas for a great summer

The TV screen has been wheeled out, your pupils are excitedly buzzing in their seats waiting for the end of the day when they can burst out of the school gates into the arms of the awaiting summer holidays.

In the same vein, you’re anticipating the end of the day school bell and the hurried excitement that ensues. The minutes tick on as you give pause to think about how the academic year has flown and how your pupils will be moving on to new classrooms and pastures new.

And then the bell goes, you wish them all a happy summer as they flow out into the corridors and merge with the children from other classrooms. You catch the eye of the teacher next door and you both feel a sense of relief, calm and satisfaction. The long summer break is ahead of you and you’ve had another successful year of teaching.

Confronted with the endless possibilities only a summer break can offer your mind turns towards all of the things you could and should be doing. We’ve put together some ideas to fill your summer with fun, relaxation and memories before you begin preparing for the new academic year.

1. Go on holiday

Heading off on your summer holidays is important for the soul! You’ve been working hard all year; barely coming up for air between marking and teaching. Changing your scenery and experiencing warm weather offers the chance to properly rest and recuperate.

But not all holidays have to be about rest and recuperation. If you have a sense of adventure you could take a four-week break to travel around a continent of your choosing. This is especially satisfying if you’ve always wanted to travel but your career took over before you could. With such a long break you’re able to take off and experience different regions of the world, creating lifelong memories as you do.

2. Have a night out

The end of term offers the chance to have a big blow out with your colleagues. Whether you head off for a slap-up meal or a few drinks it\’s a great opportunity to review how the year went for you and your friends.

What’s more, it’ll bring you and your colleagues closer together as you have shared experiences.

3. Exercise and eat great food

With all the free time on your hands, the summer offers a fantastic opportunity to get in shape. Often throughout the school year, there isn’t enough time to head to the gym consistently due to the workload. Take hold of your health with regular trips to the gym, release the burden of stress from the previous year and feel the benefit of endorphins. Follow that up with delicious, home-made meals which you can spend time preparing. You could become a regular Nigella Lawson or James Martin. It won’t take long before you notice the health benefits and by the time the new year comes along, you’ll be full of energy and ready to go again.

4. Catch up on your CPD

In the same way that your pupils never stop learning, neither do you as a teacher. Spend some time brushing up on your skills by reading new books and developing your teaching skills further.

Don’t forget about Connex’s continued professional development training. We provide a whole range of courses, some of which you can access for free. Click here to find out more.

5. Enjoy what the UK has to offer

Your town or city has an abundance of things to see and do and so does the rest of the UK. Head to our great cities or explore the rolling hills and landscapes of the UK. A road trip can help clear your head and have new and exciting experiences which you don\’t normally have the chance to.

Head to the most visited places in the UK, London, Edinburgh or Liverpool to see grand history mixed with modern cultural hubs. Or chill out in the peaceful Devon countryside and be at one with nature.

There is a whole range of things you could be doing as a teacher and we’re sure you’ll have a fantastic time during the summer break. Make sure you let us know when you speak to your consultant what you got up to. Until then, thank you for all your hard work this year. Enjoy your summer holidays.

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