Cover Supervisor Jobs

Ensuring students remain on track

Cover supervisors are an important part of the UK’s education system – they play a vital role in the seamless transition of education when a teacher is absent.

Increasingly, it is becoming a valid alternative career choice for many, offering flexible alternatives to traditional roles. There are many different reasons people work as cover supervisors rather than in permanent jobs.

Here are a few…

Benefits of being a cover supervisor


A cover supervisor’s quality of life is the envy of their permanent colleagues. On a week-to-week basis, you decide your availability for work. If you want a Friday off, you can take it; if you want at a cheaper term-time holiday, you can. If you’re not fond of a certain school, there’s no need to return. You choose when you work, with whom you work and where you work. All in all, it’s a rather refreshing step off the hamster wheel of life. It’s only a wonder that cover supervisors are greeted with such welcoming arms, rather than the sound of grinding molars!


Working in a variety of schools and a variety of year groups (or subjects) gives you a breadth of experience impossible to match in most permanent roles. You see an array of schools and different teaching environments; the different styles they use and the varied “atmospheres” of different settings.


When you are a cover supervisor you are in control – of when you work, where you work and how much work you do. In a permanent role, it can feel like life fits around work. As a cover supervisor, it’s like being your own boss. Plus, it’s a perfect way to balance young family commitments or to reduce your workload as you approach the later stages of your working life.

In short, cover supervising can be a career choice or a short-term option to meet a particular need. What it isn’t, is second best. For Connex staff, working as a cover supervisor provides the life they want and the control they need.

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