Disqualification by Association Declaration

Disqualification by Association Declaration

In line with Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 and section S.18 of the Childcare Act of 2006, depending on the nature of the role you are engaged in a Disqualification by Association check may also be required in addition to your own personal disqualification declaration.

    Disqualification by association is only relevant where childcare is provided in domestic settings (for example where childminding is provided in the home) or under registration on domestic premises, including where an assistant works on non-domestic premises up to 50% of the time under a domestic registration.

To be eligible for work you are also required to provide relevant information about any person who lives or works in the same household as you which may disqualify you ‘by association’.

Have you or any member of your household ever been disqualified from caring for a child, including your own child?(Required)
Have you or any member of your household ever had your registration refused or cancelled relating to childcare, or children’s homes, or been prohibited from private fostering?(Required)
Does any member of your household have any unspent convictions for certain violent and sexual criminal offences against children and/or adults?(Required)
Has any member of your household ever been barred from working with children?(Required)
Have you or any member of your household committed an offence overseas which would constitute an offence regarding disqualification under the 2009 Regulations if it had been done in any part of the United Kingdom?(Required)

I confirm that the information provided is true to the best of my knowledge and that:

  • I understand my responsibilities to safeguard children
  • I understand that I must notify Connex Education Partnership immediately of anything that affects my suitability including any pending court appearances, cautions, warnings, convictions, orders or other determinations made in respect of me or a member of my household that may render me disqualified from working with children

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