Employment-Based SCITT for graduates


School centred initial teacher training for graduates

Connex Education Partnership offers a fully paid route into teaching with no further tuition debt. Through our employment-based school-centred initial teaching training you will complete a programme, resulting in a PGCE and qualified teacher status. All this while being fully immersed in a school environment, working from teaching assistant to a qualified teacher with experience in a classroom.

What are the benefits of Employment-Based SCITT?

Earn while you learn

Unlike a full-time PGCE course you will earn a competitive salary and be comfortable in the knowledge that your salary is yours to do with as you please.

Zero tuition fees

All your course fees are covered by Connex Education Partnership’s programme so you won’t spend your salary on expensive university fees nor tuition fee loans.

Classroom experience

Most of your time will be spent in a classroom where you will gain priceless practical experience; preparing you for your career as a teacher.

First-class training

You’ll gain first-class teacher training at a reputable university. At the end of the programme, you will acquire qualified teacher status (QTS).

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but it helps; you need lots of passion for education. As you’ll get a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) then you’ll need a relevant degree too. We will give you all the relevant experience you need to allow you to start off your career on the best possible footing.

The recruitment process is designed to ensure you are the best fit for the school and yourself. It will encompass rigorous vetting by us in line with legal requirements and a competency-based interview before you are put forward to a school. The school may also interview you. There will also be a representative from the University Liaison Team who will speak with you too before you commence the program.

You will also be required to attend an interview with the University ITE provider to be accepted on the PGCE course, however, you will have supporting evidence from your host school and ourselves to ensure this process is smooth.

You will be required to work throughout term time in order to qualify for your PGCE.  You'll be expected to be available for training, which may be outside term time, however, the dates will be provided with plenty of notice. It is an absolute condition of acceptance onto this programme that you attend these three separate week-long residential courses.

The majority of your work will be in the same school, however, you will be expected to work for up to 6 weeks in a second school (within 50 miles of your host school) as part of your PGCE placement. It is designed to expose you to another working environment/year group. It is an absolute condition of acceptance onto this programme that you are able to attend this alternate school placement.

If you decide that working in education isn’t for you, then you are free to leave the placement at any time. The idea behind working in a supporting function for the first year is to give you a realistic view of the workload of a teacher.

While we work to place you in a year group of your preference, the first 3 terms in your school will be across different year groups to fully immerse you in the school environment. We ask all our trainee teachers to be as flexible as possible. Once qualified, your PGCE with QTS will allow you to apply for permanent or supply roles at any key stage/year group in the UK and internationally.


Unfortunately, this position is only available to full-time candidates due to the time commitment needed to complete all relevant training.

    • You will be employed and receive a weekly/monthly salary as agreed.
    • We will also pay your full tuition fees, normally costing between £6,000 and £9,000.
    • You will be supported 100% through the process by us and we will assign you a dedicated School Liaison Officer.
    • Your host school will assign a dedicated Trainee Teacher Mentor and the university will assign an individual Tutor.

You will be awarded a PGCE with QTS and will be ready to start your career as a teacher. Hopefully, you will secure a role in your host school, or we can work with you to secure a permanent position.

Starting salaries range from £22,917 up to £28,660 in London.

  • Send your CV and covering letter describing your interest in education.
  • If you are successful after the interview stage with us, we will match you to a suitable school. The school will probably want to interview you as well unless a school have recommended you to us.
  • We will also perform our statutory checks on you, including a DBS check and references.
  • Once this has been done, we will arrange a start date for you and enrol you as an associate student at the university.


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