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Teaching assistants

We work with only the best teaching assistants

Teaching assistants play a vital role in the support and development of children’s learning. They work closely with teachers within classes to support whole-class activities, small groups or individual children; their role is to help make sure pupils can learn in a safe and caring setting.

Connex Education Partnership fills teaching assistant roles in a wide range of schools and education settings, on a part-time and full-time basis for short and long-term assignments. Our supply teaching assistants are a vital part of the support we offer our partner schools and the education of their pupils.

We are very proud of the teaching assistants that we provide. They are hand-picked and are more than equal to the task.

Experienced teaching assistants – all of them excellent

Our high calibre teaching assistants can fill general supply cover needs or more specific subject specialisms. And we can find the right TA to expertly deliver the appropriate assistance. We pride ourselves on the quality of our staff; they appreciate being valued and respond with high levels of commitment.

If you have used us or worked for us, you will already know this to be true. If you have not, you have no idea just how much you are missing. We really do take the headache out of getting the right teaching assistant.

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