Team teach

We recognise the importance of making sure all our teachers and teaching assistants have the skills needed to step in at short notice and professionally fill a void left by the absence of a permanent member of staff.

We also fully understand that some placements, by their nature, are more challenging than others.

That’s why each year we invest heavily in Team-Teach training for our staff. Team-Teach is a widely recognised training within the education sector for staff who need particular expertise in behaviour management and intervention techniques.

The training is free to staff who we select on the basis of the type of work they are undertaking or are likely to undertake upon joining us.

This continuing investment in our staff is part of our commitment to our workers and our client schools and the needs of their pupils. At any time we have more than 200 Team-Teach qualified teachers and teaching assistants, ready to step in at short notice and help in any challenging situation a school may be managing.

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