We are looking for brilliant SEND teachers

We are very proud of the quality of our staff who specialise in working with children with special educational needs and disabilities. And we are always looking for brilliant SEND teachers and teaching assistants.

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What we do


We place high-quality staff experienced in:

As a Connex SEND teacher you will have your own consultant (who specialises in SEND) who will get to know you and your skills and experience and place you in the vacancies best suited to you.

Excellent staff, who are completely committed to making a real difference to children they may only see for a short time, are hard to find. So once we have found you, we really look after you.

Qualified and highly trained


We have a long and successful history of partnerships with SEND settings and a proven track record of dependable service.

Our SEND staff are highly qualified in a wide range of specialisms and trained to manage complex needs. Many are also given additional accredited training by us on dealing effectively with challenging situations.

We support you and work with you to get you the best placements, knowing you will give the children you encounter there your best too. If this appeals, then get in touch.

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