Tuition in Partnership

Tuition in Partnership

The specialist intervention & tuition service

Connex Education Partnership has been delivering tuition & interventions as part of a wider whole school recruitment & training programme since 1999.

As attainment gaps widened in socially deprived/educational improvement areas it became apparent to us that a specialist intervention & tuition service was needed on a national level.

This is what we call “Tuition in Partnership” (TIP) and it is built on three pillars:

Collaboration:  Delivered through schools and explicitly linked to normal teaching.  An intervention plan is agreed and mapped against an online record of learning outcomes. Each session is logged in our TIP portal with secured access for our schools and tutors.

Development:  Our tutors are all qualified teachers with a passion for interventions. We have developed an interventions/tutoring specific suite of skills development titles and webinars delivered via our own on-demand-mobile friendly CPD platform (unlimited access). Titles include Online Tutoring, Mental Health Awareness, Safeguarding, Online Safety, Adverse Childhood Experiences and many more.

Embedded: Short regular sessions over an initial fixed period from 15 hour blocks, viewed as supplementary to normal lessons with rigorous monitoring and reporting.

TIP delivers interventions in small groups (maximum 5) or 1-2-1 for:

Catch up
Disadvantaged children
Looked after childrenRaising attainment
Subject focusPhonics

Tuition Programmes

Tuition in Partnership affords schools, MATs, local authorities and virtual schools maximum flexibility in achieving required outcomes.  Typically they comprise:

How to use the portal

Thirsty Scholars Partnership

Supporting Connex Education Partnership with online tutoring CPD is our sister company Thirsty Scholars Partnership. Courses include, Essentials of Tuition, Safeguarding, Understanding Autism, SEND Code of Practice and many more.

Discover a library of Tutor CPD courses today.

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