Wales Framework Agency

What is the Wales teaching framework?

In August 2019 the Welsh Government introduced a new framework which advised schools across 22 local authorities on how to source supply staff and which agencies are preferred suppliers. The framework outlines the criteria that schools should work to when making a decision on where to source their candidates from.

In essence, it was about making a fair system for schools in Wales to make an informed decision on which agencies are able to provide the best solutions for supply staff. It means that agencies like us, are following proper procedure in supplying qualified, vetted education staff. Furthermore, it’s helped outline the rates of pay for those staff working in education.

Connex Education Wales is on the education framework for Wales for all local authorities

We’re on the framework which is great news for our schools and candidates alike. It’s a huge vote of confidence from the EWC to be allowed onto it. It means our level of service to schools and candidates is of a very high level, something we’ve instilled into Connex Education Wales (previously Education Staffing Partnership) since 2003.

As our branch network expands, we’re already serving all 22 local authorities, for schools wishing to use the framework, or those looking for staff off it. Sometimes the latter is necessary in areas where there is a shortage of staff, which is why we’re flexible when the need arises.

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