Our Social Value Champion for November – David Jones

Introducing our Social Value Champion for November: David Jones, Connex Middlesbrough Director. Having been in the recruitment business for several years David is an exceptional recruiter with extensive experience, which is why he is a crucial member of the Connex Education team. He was recently awarded the ‘Inspirational Leadership’ award at the Bluestones Investment Group BIG Awards 2023 with good reason.

David has shown remarkable leadership qualities at Connex both within work and outside. Beyond his professional sphere, he actively contributes to his local Teeside community and local football teams, demonstrating his leadership prowess in multiple areas.

His role as a coach and manager for Riverside Juniors Thornaby U14’s showcases David’s dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive team environment. Over five seasons, his coaching led to impressive achievements including promotions, a league title, and tournament wins. Beyond football, David fostered a familial bond among players from different backgrounds, promoting unity and mutual support.

Social Value Champion for November

His commitment to continuous learning and support, along with partnerships for equipment and sponsorship, exemplifies his role as a social value champion in nurturing personal growth, teamwork, and community cohesion through grassroots football.

David Jones, Director of Connex Middlesbrough said:

“As a coach and mentor for Riverside Juniors Thornaby U14’s, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of football in creating a united family from diverse backgrounds. Beyond victories on the field, our journey reflects the essence of community, where every player’s success and camaraderie transcend cultural boundaries. Together, we’ve proven that in grassroots football, it’s not just about winning games but fostering a spirit of inclusivity, personal growth, and collective achievement—a testament to the true essence of being a social value champion.”

Paul Broderick, CEO of Connex Education Partnership said:

“We’re excited to announce our Social Value Champion award for November is ‘David Jones’ 

Watching David’s incredible journey as the grassroots football coach at Riverside Juniors Thornaby U14’s has been truly inspiring. His dedication to nurturing a diverse and inclusive team, fostering a sense of unity and achievement among players from various backgrounds, embodies the core values we cherish as an organisation. David’s commitment to community, continuous learning, and fostering personal growth sets a remarkable example of being a true social value champion, impacting lives beyond the football field. 

 As part of the Social Value initiative, we believe every child deserves a quality of education and every opportunity to obtain the best education possible. At Connex, we will help ensure schools have qualified and passionate staff to make that happen”

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