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Your introductions mean alot…£200 to be precise

Good people can be hard to find, so we are really grateful when introductions are made for us.

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Tips for NQTs: interview questions

We like to think that our flock of NQTs will be with us forever, but because we equip our NQTs with so much support and advice, they are always very high in demand once we’ve set them off to their first school!

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The most important decision to make before searching for NQT jobs

If you are a Newly Qualified Teacher congratulations! You’re ready to take the next step towards your career. But what will that step be?

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Tips for NQTS: interview questions

Want to stay ahead in your teaching career? Then listen up. This is what you’ll need to know for your next interview at a school, and exactly what you should be prepared for…straight from the head teacher’s mouths, these are just some of the questions you may be asked when you apply for a teaching job:

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Why more men should consider a career in teaching

Teaching has changed dramatically over recent years, and while chalk boards have been swapped for iPads and interactive toys from the likes of Hope Education – the gender of educators has also taken a noticeable shift.

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“It’s the passion that drives the teacher”

Teaching has come under much scrutiny lately, but we found someone who is still entirely passionate about teaching and willing to fight her side for the profession she is soon to be a part of…

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