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What do you want from your teaching agency?

Here at Connex, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service – if you’ve been with us before or are currently using our services, we’d really appreciate your feedback.

We couldn’t possibly deliver the highest standards without hearing what you have to say – we’re the best, because we care.

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“Why do I need a plenary?”

Emma is a qualified teacher with twelve years’ experience in the classroom as both an English teacher and Head of Sociology. Emma is also mum to three children in the state education system and she also writes at Emma and 3

Today, she’s going to explain to us why a plenary is crucial, and then, we’ve got a little something for you too…

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Life lessons you’ll learn from supply teaching

Working on supply can provide you with a number of life lessons, but we picked up on three in particular, that stood out unanimously. While you’re busy planning engaging and intriguing lessons to feed the young minds of our future, reflect on what supply teaching has brought to your table too.

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Time to head back to school

It’s September, and everyone is gearing up for yet another busy academic year! Whether you’re excited or a little anxious about heading back to school, we thought we’d brighten up your week with a bit of a throwback – more specifically, our staff have shared their school photos! 

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Working with supply teaching agencies: your questions answered

If it’s your first time working on supply, you’re bound to have a bunch of questions you would like to ask your consultant when you first meet/speak to them.

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5 tips for NQTs just starting out

Supply is an excellent way of getting your toe in the door of lots of schools to show them what you can do.

As a newly qualified teacher, we know how eager you are to get into the classroom, and our development managers will fully support you with this. Before you step into the classroom, though, and begin your exciting new career, here are a few tips we gathered, and then some…

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How to prepare for September teaching jobs

As the school bell rings on the last day of term, it may feel like September is a million miles away. Six weeks of freedom lie ahead and, to make the most of your summer holiday, you plan to catch-up on sleep, do a bit of travelling, start a new hobby, reconnect with friends – the list of possibilities is endless!

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Make the most of the school holidays: 5 things to do while you’re off

The fabled 6-week summer holiday is here again, and we bet it’s not just pupils that are excited. The school holidays give all hard-working teachers, teaching assistants, and other school staff a well-needed rest after three terms of enthusiastic educating.

With all of that free time, we thought you might like some suggestions about what you can do to make the most of the summer season before the new academic year rolls around!

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Is supply teaching the solution to your work-related stress?

Work-related stress is part and parcel of most jobs, often described as the health epidemic of the 21st Century, and it is becoming a particularly serious issue within the teaching profession.

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9 websites with free resources

Planning your lessons can be a painstaking process.

Searching for free teaching resources can take hours. It’s not because there aren’t many websites, but it doesn’t help that every resource you want to access comes with the gruelling process of having to subscribe to each one…but where are the best places to search for free resources for teachers?

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