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Tips for NQTs: interview questions

We like to think that our flock of NQTs will be with us forever, but because we equip our NQTs with so much support and advice, they are always very high in demand once we’ve set them off to their first school!

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Tips for nqts: how to avoid a power struggle in the classroom

As a newly qualified teacher, or any other teacher for that matter, you might anticipate a number of potential issues before you head in to a new school. One of those might include working with disruptive students.

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The NQT jobs you might be missing

Searching for NQT jobs which are right for you can be exhausting, especially if you discover that there are not many available in schools.

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Top 10 tips for NQTs

Starting your first teaching job is a scary prospect. But every teacher has to start somewhere, and there is plenty of advice around to help you out…but where to start?

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Tips for NQTS: interview questions

Want to stay ahead in your teaching career? Then listen up. This is what you’ll need to know for your next interview at a school, and exactly what you should be prepared for…straight from the head teacher’s mouths, these are just some of the questions you may be asked when you apply for a teaching job:

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Teaching abroad: does it affect me when applying for NQT jobs in the UK?

With the job market for teachers in the UK becoming increasingly competitive, more and more NQTs are making the move overseas to supplement their teaching experience and bolster their CVs.

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