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‘My Mini Egg’ Competition

We are running a special Easter themed competition for schools! Read on to hear more about the ‘My Mini Egg’ competition!

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Half Term Heroes

The supply staff who are working their socks off are the ones who are rewarded most at Connex… take a peek at who we selected as our Half Term Heroes!

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What do you want from your teaching agency?

Here at Connex, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service – if you’ve been with us before or are currently using our services, we’d really appreciate your feedback.

We couldn’t possibly deliver the highest standards without hearing what you have to say – we’re the best, because we care.

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September scramble for staff

As teachers and children head back to school, reports suggest a rising number in teaching vacancies than ever before.

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Time to head back to school

It’s September, and everyone is gearing up for yet another busy academic year! Whether you’re excited or a little anxious about heading back to school, we thought we’d brighten up your week with a bit of a throwback – more specifically, our staff have shared their school photos! 

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Keeping children safe online “as important as road safety”

We have always made safeguarding children our highest priority at Connex, which is why we’d like to make light of recent research by the NSPCC with regards to internet safety.

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Dfe backtracks on baseline tests for reception pupils

Questionable baseline assessments suggested by the Department for Education to assess the abilities of four and five year-olds have been abolished.

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This formula’s no secret…

Once again, Whitehall’s finest are scratching their heads over the increasing teacher shortages in England. Indeed, the Education Select Committee has this week called for a long-term plan to address what is now commonly acknowledged by all – except government – as a crisis.

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The increasing demand for teachers in the UK

The increasing concern over teacher shortages in England is again hitting the headlines, as it was revealed the government failed to hit its recruitment targets over the last four years.

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Safer Internet Day 2017: Uniting for a better internet

Safer Internet Day 2017 is here, and the global campaign is going strong once again.

This year, the UK Safer Internet Centre is encouraging all to ‘Be the Change: Unite for a better internet’, and we want to echo that message to our teachers and schools today.

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