supply teaching

Life lessons you’ll learn from supply teaching

Working on supply can provide you with a number of life lessons, but we picked up on three in particular, that stood out unanimously. While you’re busy planning engaging and intriguing lessons to feed the young minds of our future, reflect on what supply teaching has brought to your table too.

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5 ways to be a great supply teacher

Supply teaching is a great way to get in to teaching. You can learn a lot and gain plenty of practical experience. However, you need to be prepared and you need to have the right attitude towards it.

We sat down with a couple of our primary development managers and asked them what they thought made a great supply teacher…

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The best supply teaching agencies know you inside out

When you have a job as demanding as teaching, the last thing you want is to deal with a consultant that doesn’t understand your needs. It’s not enough for supply teaching agencies to know your qualifications – a relationship must be developed, so that we can best match you with the right school.

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Top 5 advantages of supply teaching

A substantial amount of teachers are choosing to work on supply, and it could well be down to the number of advantages that working in a school on a permanent position can’t provide.

As well as being a good fit for a number of teachers, teaching on supply can also help Newly Qualified Teachers as they launch their career, allowing them to gain experience and expand their set of skills.

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