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International Women’s Day: Women in Education

In September 2017 around 30,000 more women than men started on university courses (source: The Guardian). This relates to all university courses, not just teaching – but when the Department of Education released school workforce statistics back in 2015, it indicated a progressive fall in the proportion of male teachers working in Britain, with just one in five teachers being men (source: The Telegraph). This was a drop from just five years earlier, when the ratio was one in four teachers.

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Life lessons you’ll learn from supply teaching

Working on supply can provide you with a number of life lessons, but we picked up on three in particular, that stood out unanimously. While you’re busy planning engaging and intriguing lessons to feed the young minds of our future, reflect on what supply teaching has brought to your table too.

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Working with supply teaching agencies: your questions answered

If it’s your first time working on supply, you’re bound to have a bunch of questions you would like to ask your consultant when you first meet/speak to them.

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5 tips for NQTs just starting out

Supply is an excellent way of getting your toe in the door of lots of schools to show them what you can do.

As a newly qualified teacher, we know how eager you are to get into the classroom, and our development managers will fully support you with this. Before you step into the classroom, though, and begin your exciting new career, here are a few tips we gathered, and then some…

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How to prepare for September teaching jobs

As the school bell rings on the last day of term, it may feel like September is a million miles away. Six weeks of freedom lie ahead and, to make the most of your summer holiday, you plan to catch-up on sleep, do a bit of travelling, start a new hobby, reconnect with friends – the list of possibilities is endless!

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Is supply teaching the solution to your work-related stress?

Work-related stress is part and parcel of most jobs, often described as the health epidemic of the 21st Century, and it is becoming a particularly serious issue within the teaching profession.

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5 ways to be a great supply teacher

Supply teaching is a great way to get in to teaching. You can learn a lot and gain plenty of practical experience. However, you need to be prepared and you need to have the right attitude towards it.

We sat down with a couple of our primary development managers and asked them what they thought made a great supply teacher…

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