Top tips for teaching interview

Top tips for teaching interview

With so much competition for a teaching position, landing a job can be challenging, and for newly qualified teachers (ECTs) it can be especially daunting!

Each school will have its own idea as to how they wish to assess their teaching staff, so if you’re not clued in, you could be setting yourself up to fail at the first hurdle!

We do our very best to help our teachers carve out whatever type of teaching career you want – bearing this in mind, we collected some helpful and very, VERY important advice from our HR expert especially for you, so that you can put your best foot forward at your next interview.

If you’re looking to go for a long term or permanent roles, these tips will help you to avoid the classic teaching interview pitfalls so many people get caught out on…

What you’ll get with our handy guide:

A complete run-through of the teaching interview process, including:

  • What to expect – How the day is expected to pan out, what will be included etc.
  • How to tackle the interview – How to prepare for the likes of competency based interviews and group based exercises
  • Hints and tips for the big day – What to do before your interview, on the day of the interview and after the interview
  • Remember that every interview is a two-way process. If you\re not a good fit for them, odds are that they’re not a good fit for you either. Ultimately, you want and deserve a teaching job that is a perfect match for your skills and personality, with the right school environment!

Most importantly, do not take a job rejection as a personal reflection of you or your abilities as a teacher. Other candidates may have simply been stronger in other areas to you, which the school may require.

Prepare for the next interview with our helpful tips, and know that with every interview, you build up your confidence and get closer to landing your dream teaching job!

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for any more information, you can always call our friendly and dedicated consultants at Connex, who will talk you through every step! The number is: 0845 266 0650

Or you can take a look at our website to see what else we have to offer.

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