Working in education recruitment: everything you need to know about Rachel!

Life as a Nursery Consultant at Connex Education

Rachel is Connex’s Nursery Consultant for the North West! Read on to find out more about Rachel and her take on working in education recruitment as a nursery consultant.

How long have you worked at Connex?

I have been working in recruitment for close to two years now, at Connex. I started working as a telephone interviewer, screening candidates during registration. I was later offered a role as the Nursery Consultant due to my passion and knowledge for the sector.

What are the ideal qualities a candidate should have to work in a nursery?

I’ve been working with some really outstanding people who have really impressed the nurseries I’m working with, and they all seem to have similar qualities which really stand out, including:

  • An excellent knowledge of the EYFS framework
  • Reliability
  • Flexbility
  • Being an excellent team player

What are the most important things you want your staff to know before they head in to a nursery for the first time?

The first thing I remind them about is that I’m here to support them, so if they have any questions they would like to ask before they go in to the nursery, they can always ask me. No question is a silly question! When we talk about actually working in the nursery, I always ask staff to throw themselves in to the work. The more they show initiative, the more likely they are to be requested on another occasion.

What would you say to a candidate who is interviewing with you today?

Whenever I sit down with potential staff I always want to explain exactly why Connex Education is the right choice for them, and how I can help to support them. I’ll also explain the number of benefits we have available for them, including:

  • A fantastic salary package
  • Flexible working hours with a choice of day to day work or long term
  • In some rare cases, there is the opportunity to work term-time only – for those who don\’t mind working over the usual school holidays, there’s plenty of work available!
  • The support and close relationship you develop with your consultant – a lot of people take this for granted. I really like to get to know my staff – their needs, their requirements, and their ambitions. Too many consultants today see their staff as a tick in the box. At Connex, we make it our priority to get to know our staff first, before we place them in to schools. The relationship we have with our staff is something we’re consistently recommended for
  • That working on supply is an excellent choice, because you have the chance to work in a variety or nursery settings. It allows you to develop further EYFS knowledge – you’ll learn something new in a different nursery every day!

Quick-fire questions


Marmite – love or hate?


What’s your signature dance move?

It’s got to be the chicken!

What three words best describe you?

The three H’s: Hard working, Happy, and Honest

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Rachel – do you have anything else you’d like to say?

I’m working with some seriously fantastic nurseries at the moment, and I’m looking for extra special staff to match to them. If there is anyone out there looking for nursery roles in the Merseyside or Manchester area, I’d love to chat with you about what you are looking for in your next nursery role, and tell you more about what I can do to support you.

Give me a call on:  0151 329 2727 or email:

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