Tips for managing mental health

It’s OK to not be OK, is what we hear when we think of Mental Health, but there is still a lot of stigma that surrounds the illnesses that fall under this stigma.

According to mental health organisation, Mind, 1 in 4 people will experience some sort of mental health illness each year in the UK. With 1 in 6 reporting that they experience a common mental health problem such as anxiety or depression in any given week.

We want you to know, that here at Connex Education Partnership, we care about mental health and will support you as much as we can during your time working with us. Through our sister company Thirsty Scholars Partnership you’ll have access to our free webinars:

Here are a some tips on how to help manage your mental health:

1. Take a breath

Sometimes we’re so consumed within work or something that is bothering us, that we forget to take a breath. There are many breathing techniques that help with stress and anxiety.

2. Practice mindfulness

There may be something on your mind that is causing stress or worry, talk it out with someone and come up with a plan or solution to tackle to the problem. Pay attention to your own thoughts and check in with the mood self-assessment quiz.

3. Speak up!

If you’re struggling, please reach out to family or friends. If you don’t feel comfortable, speak with a mental health organisation, or a doctor. They’re there to help without judgement. Reaching out is difficult, but that’s the first hurdle.

4. Take a break

A change of scenery or just a change of pace away from your regular life can work wonders.

It could be having a walk on your lunch break, catching up with a friend, escaping to the country for a little break away from the business of a city, or just having some time alone. Allow yourself some ‘me’ time.

5. Keep active

Regular exercise is beneficial for concentration, sleep and can help boost your self-esteem. Even if you go for a 20-minute walk to get some fresh air, it’s 20 minutes more than usual!

6. Support

There are many resources online that can provide help, many charities, and many people you can speak with. Ensure you look after yourself by reaching out and speaking to those around you when you need support.

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