National Tutoring Programme Success

With official reports and figures by the UK government underway to measure the impact COVID-19 had on school children’s education during the height of the pandemic, it is clear to anyone who is part of the education sector or a parent to a child in school/ college that the impact was significant.

The pandemic created new challenges for teachers and students during the academic years of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. Not only was the quality of learning reduced as the classroom moved to online learning, the number of students reported to have had learning losses was significant according to the DfE. 


During this year’s summer holidays, the government published the latest engagement figures for the National Tutoring Programme (NTP).


According to a recent press release from the DfE, a staggering two million tutoring courses have been started as part of the scheme, which was designed to help pupils catch-up with their studies following extended disruption to their learning due to the pandemic. 


With almost 600,000 courses started in the 2021-22 academic year alone, it’s clear to see that schools are embracing tuition as part of their academic diet across all key stages, according to the DfE statement. Official figures are yet to be released. However, the increase in tutoring means the initial goal set out by the UK government is likely to be achieved by the end of the academic year. 


State-funded schools are eligible for a 60% subsidy towards tuition provided through the National Tuition Programme in 2022-23 making bespoke, targeted and high-impact intervention an affordable option. 


Connex Education Partnership (CEP) has been the largest provider of tutors through the NTP, with over 70,000 students receiving tutoring so far and CEP will continue to match schools with QTS tutors. 


If you’d like to explore the possibility of using specialist tutors for targeted interventions for your pupils in need of additional support, or if you are interested in registering as a tutor, visit the National Tutoring page on our website here. 



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