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National Tutoring Programme

We are an NTP approved Tuition Partner

From November 2nd 2020 all schools, SEND settings and AP in England can take advantage of 75% subsidised high-quality tutoring & interventions when working with Connex Education Partnership.

For every £1 of catch-up funding spent through an NTP Tuition Partner, it will be worth £4 in tutoring sessions.

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How does it work?

  • The school identifies pupils for 15-hour tutoring blocks
  • The school selects Connex Education Partnership as its NTP Tuition Partner
  • The school signs NTP MoU through Connex Education Partnership
  • The school shares appropriate data with the tutor through our secure portal
  • An intervention plan is agreed across a 15-hour block
  • The tutor delivers block and updates secure portal after each session
  • Tutor completes a post-intervention assessment
  • The secure portal is available to the school, teacher and tutor
  • Invoice for the block is split 25% to school and 75% to the government

Subsidised tuition

The National Tutoring Programme subsidises 75% of a school’s tuition costs when they use an approved Tuition Partner like Connex Education Partnership. That means schools quadruple their funding and for every £1 spent by the school, the NTP provides an additional £3.

Flexible solutions

Tuition must be arranged in 15-hour blocks and can be delivered flexibly to suit the needs of the school and pupil. Tuition is delivered in-person or online. With Connex Education Partnership, all our tutors’ reports are recorded within an accessible, secure online portal, allowing schools to track progress.

Tutor preparedness training

All our tutors are teachers with recent classroom experience and QTS. We have a wide range of available tutors who have completed our accredited CPD “Tutor Preparedness” course. They are also provided with further training such as, “re-engaging the reluctant student” and “tutoring online”.

Calculate your school’s NTP buying power

Simply use the slider to show the number of pupils on roll. Based on £80 per pupil catch up funding our calculator shows you the total value of your catch up funding and what it could be worth if spent on intervention blocks with Connex Education Partnership.

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Tutor Preparedness Course

Our Tutor Preparedness Course is only the first step in helping teachers understand the theoretical and practical basics of tutoring. Delivered by our sister company Thirsty Scholars Partnership, tutors are provided with ongoing, accredited CPD to ensure they have all the tools needed to provide high-quality tuition to pupils enrolled on the National Tutoring Programme.

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