Free Team-Teach training for staff

More schools are requesting teachers/teaching assistants who have completed Team Teach training. In this blog post, we will look at why teachers/teaching assistants with Team Teach training are a desirable candidate for schools, and why completing it can open more doors for you…

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We recognise the importance of making sure all our teachers and teaching assistants have the skills needed to step in at short notice and professionally fill a void left by the absence of a permanent member of staff.

We also fully understand that some placements, by their nature, are more challenging than others…

Each year we invest heavily in Team Teach training for our staff. It is widely recognised training within the Education sector for staff who need particular expertise in behaviour management and intervention techniques.

The training is free to staff who we select on the basis of the type of work they are undertaking or are likely to undertake upon joining us.

Team Teach offers a 1-day or 2-day course. At Connex, we offer the 2-day course, because it goes into more detail,  and better equips our teachers to work in a SEND school. The 1-day course will only cover a member of staff working in a mainstream school, for example, on a 1:1 basis with a child.

Jemma, our SEND Development Manager, explains the skills teachers will acquire from Team Teach training:

\”Following successful completion of a Team Teach Practitioners Course, teachers will:

– Be able to state the basic values, rationale and principles of the Team Teach approach;

– Understand relevant legal standards and expectations related to the use of force;

– Have gained knowledge of the reporting, recording, monitoring and evaluating requirements of incidents involving physical controls and reasonable force;

– Develop an understanding of aggression and conflict, and will be able to recognise typical signs and causes;

– Acquire knowledge and understanding of a whole setting holistic approach to behaviour management, including the importance of self-awareness and self-control whilst managing challenging behaviour;

– Understand how to conduct a follow-up process with the service users;

– Be aware of the importance of a support and supervision, repair and reflection process of both staff and individuals involved, following a serious incident involving positive handling strategies.\”

Speaking specifically about how the course can benefit teachers, Jemma said: \”I personally feel it gives teachers confidence when working in schools and dealing with difficult situations. It also teaches them about behaviour management.

There are some schools that will not take supply staff unless they have completed the training, so it definitely opens more doors once the course has been completed. It won\’t necessarily mean they will have to do Team Teach, but it covers them, just in case.

I do feel that ultimately, Team Teach gives candidates an advantage in both SEND schools and mainstream via 1:1 roles.\”

This continuing investment in our staff is part of our commitment to our workers and our client schools and the needs of their pupils.

If you would like to enquire about Team Teach, take a look at the roles we\’re currently offering here, or, give us a call on 0845 266 0650 – we might fund it for you if you don\’t have it.

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